"This combination has provided me (and my family) with 100% peace of mind. The package that is offered really does give you the best of both worlds."

N. W., from Surrey

“...many thanks for all you have done with I. We would definitely like to go back for further procedures. Highly recommended." 

C.G from Hampshire

“I had re-do abdominoplasty and paid £2599 pounds instead of the £25 000 which was quoted previously by a UK private clinic."

G.B. from Kent 

Preparation for your appointment

Ideally, you would need 2-3 months to prepare for the operation comfortably. In this way you will have enough time to grab the cheapest flight tickets (sometime £50-60 for a return flight), and also to contact us in time. 

We will invite you to London for a free non-obligatory consultation which lasts 30-45 minutes usually. During this visit we discuss your situation, assess your condition and give you advise about the suggested procedures. During the examination a female nurse will be present to have an absolutely safe environment.

Then within a week we will send you a written price estimation and a pro-forma contract. Once that is accepted, you can start preparing for your journey.


We will help you to organise a journey to Hungary to get the plastic surgery or weight loss surgery 40-50% cheaper than UK.

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Mobile: 07794 615316

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