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N. W. from Surrey:

"My pre-operative discussions and diagnosis on my treatment plan was decided in London by my consulting surgeon (Mr Vasas) along with my plastic surgeon (Mr Por) who attended my appointment virtually.  Both surgeons provided information, advice and guidance, and a female nurse was also in attendance throughout the consultation.  I felt confident and in safe hands, all my questions were answered and everything was handled very professionally. Seeing Mr Vasas in London for my free consultation, meant I was able to have an appointment at the weekend, which was convenient  for me, as no time was needed to be taken off work.  I then had plenty of time after the appointment, once I was back at home, to consider the advice and guidance I had been given, and to discuss it with my husband, and close friends, before I made my decision to proceed. Prior to travelling to Budapest, any questions I had, were efficiently handled by Mr Vasas, via email, which was very reassuring. Whilst I was in Hungary: Both before and after my operation, all the staff I have come into contact with at the clinic have been very supportive and helpful, my care has been excellent, with round the clock nursing care, and a doctor available to answer any questions.  Nothing has been too much trouble, and the facilities are first class.  I am pleased to say that my pain was managed in a proactive manner, and my dignity and comfort always highly considered. It is very reassuring to know that on leaving Hungary, my care is with Mr Vasas in London. I have described this journey to my family as "Consulting care pre and post op in London, with Operational care in Hungary". This combination has provided me (and my family) with 100% peace of mind. The package that is offered really does give you the best of both worlds.  Avoiding very high UK operating costs for surgery and inpatient care, whilst being able to know pre and post operation you have continuation of care with Mr Vasas in central London. Financially it has also been very straightforward to plan, for as BodyContour Clinic offers an all inclusive package, any costs not included were known about by Mr Vasas, and he was able to give excellent estimates. Overall I am very happy recommending the BodyContour Clinic to anyone considering a plastic surgery journey."

She is a 38y female patient from Surrey, who is one of our biggest fan... 

C.G. from Hampshire: 

"...many thanks for all you have done with I. We would definitely like to go back for further procedures. Highly recommended." 

​She had abdominoplasty and required fluid aspiration 5 times after the operation, and just this would have been 750 pounds unexpected (extra) cost after the procedure in the UK- but aftercare included this and she paid nothing.

A.B. from Wiltshire:

“Had tummy tuck in May 2013. The whole process  was very easy, Had pre op consult in London with Dr Vasas, we skyped the Plastic Surgeon Dr Por whilst i was there. They told me which flights to book, what to do-everything basically for when i got to Hungary. The language was no problem as a lot of it was English anyway and Dr Vasas was always on hand to translate. You get 5 days to recover afterwards which was needed, before flying home. Dr Vasas was available 24/7 once i was back in England and the whole operation was managed really well with follow up care, for a lot less than i was being quoted in the Uk"

G.B. from Kent

"...I had my Abdominoplasty, and Pubis lift performed in the Zena-clinic Heviz Hungary by Dr Por Ferenc. I was thrilled with the results, if you are thinking of doing this and are worried please don't be, the service is 1st class by all the team and the clinic Zena is amazing. The after care was in London by Dr Vasas. It has changed my life I am so so pleased."

She had re-do abdominoplasty with us and paid £2599 pounds instead of the £25 000 which was quoted previously by a UK private clinic.

Ms MG from London  - Tummy tuck + liposuction

M was not happy with her tummy at all. It was a dream long-time ago to get this sorted, but the attached quite high price tag discouraged her. One of her friend had this procedure in London for £7000, but still had complication. When she heared that M is heading to Europe for the same procedure for £3500, she labelled her "mad"...

These were M's picture before:

M had a fantastic time is Budapest in March 2015. Dr Por performed a 3 hour long procedure and all the excess fat and skin had been removed. She was absolutely happy with the outcome and she wrote to us: "Thanks it's all down to the excellent care I've had. I'm very impressed..."

She came to our surgery in London 3 weeks later for the stitch removal. Please see here:

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