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"Dr Vasas performed my Gastric bypass in Nov 2018.  Highly skilled surgeon and team. He saved my life - forever grateful. Highly recommend, pick up the phone and call him."

Julie, from East Midlands.

22 months after the procedure her weight is stable and she is very happy what she achieved...


"From my initial consultation I have been really happy with the service I have received. The staff in Park Hill hospital did an excellent job of caring for me and I can’t thank Mr Vasas enough, he did a great job performing the surgery with no complications and ensured that he regularly checked-up on me whilst in hospital. Thank you!"

Zoe, from South Yorkshire.

2 years after the surgery she was delighted with the outcome.


At age 45, Bridgette was 20 stones. She had been through numerous unsuccessful diets, felt devastated and depressed, but then decided to have gastric bypass surgery.

18 months later she weighed just above 10 stones, and realised that her life had only just started...


And this is Isabelle's story...

You can see her fascinating transformation on 17 pictures during 18 months after her gastric bypass.

She started above 21 stones, and she went below 10 stones.

Before the operation
Before the operation

This was before the operation

1 month post op
1 month post op

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Before and 18 months after
Before and 18 months after

Before the operation
Before the operation

This was before the operation


And this is the natural progress of the trousers' size, the picture speaks for itself.

Mr J.M. had gastric bypass surgery in Feb 2018 and the picture shows the trousers he had to wear in the next 6 months...


And this is Rita's transformation.

In 2017 she weighed 22 stones, then underwent a gastric bypass operation.

Currently she is less than 11 stones, and completed a 10k run, which was unimaginable for her before... and she started training for the 2021 half-marathon.

Dora tried to lose weight with a gastric band. Unfortunately, similar to others' experiences, this did not work. She opted for a band removal and conversion to a gastric bypass.

As you can see, she did not regret it...

She was 22 stones before the operation, then she lost more than 10 stones in 12 months and was absolutely delighted with the outcome.